Relaxing with SEGD Philadelphia.

It was a balmy evening in Philadelphia and we made our way up the 28th floor of a glass monolith to be greeted by an infinity pool, a cinema room and a roof top bar. As far as professional events go – the PAM attendee, Sam Coultrip, didn’t mind being at this one!

It was a great venue to meet as a group, discuss our passion for design and how Pam is enhancing that passion and delivering the best wayfinding systems to the customer.

The group filed into the cinema room and it was time to recline, sit back and relax. The cinema filed up with a diverse group of SEGD members from designers, to planners and fabricators. In his moment to shine near the silver screen, Sam gave an end to end presentation explaining how the PAM platform creating sticky relationships between the designers, the fabricators and the end clients. Ultimately, he concluded, it allows the integrity of the wayfinding system to be maintained and provide a better experience for the customer.

Naturally, the conclusion of this chat was followed by a few more drinks out on the terrace and a group photo to show off the scenery!

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