Connecting customers to your environment for sales optimization

Covid-19 has thrown challenges at most organizations, from family-owned businesses to multinational companies and associations. As the economy has gradually resumed globally, some old methods of doing things will not conform to new customer expectations. Additionally, businesses are trying to build business back up and attract customers in an environment where Covid still presents a significant public health risk.

However, the doom and gloom of the pandemic appears to have brought out the raw entrepreneur in many business owners. Businesses are increasingly focusing on visitor experience as the driving force to making their districts attractive and engaging to a wary audience.

Reconfigure your sales strategy during the pandemic

It’s a case of earning back consumer trust. It is more important than ever to make sure your district – whether it’s a university, entertainment district, convention centre, resort, mall, airport or even a healthcare facility – provides customers with a safe, engaging and comfortable experience.

Likewise, business efficiency, and particularly sales efficiency, is essential to ensure the property continues to be profitable. Like manufacturing or supply chain, which have been using technology to optimize their businesses for decades, the owners of commercial environments can turn to technology to make sure every customer is armed with the knowledge to get the most out of their visit. In tandem with this, technology can ensure that every point-of-sale is easy, fast and efficient, leading to sales increases of up to 33%.

So how do we optimize our environment?

First, make sure customers are really informed and in control. The best way to achieve this is to provide engaging navigation maps of the environment. Identify every store, amenity, event, and destination. Make it VERY easy for customers to obtain this map – for example, don’t force an app on them, instead provide QR codes and links that open the navigation map in web pages, so the information is instant and easy.

“…(people) will remain concerned about exposure to the coronavirus and will be open to new technologies such as self-check-ins and check-outs, touchless payments, app-based services, augmented or virtual reality, and more. For hospitality organizations, this should be seen as an invitation to innovate and invest in digital technology”
Deloitte – The future of hospitality

Center every interaction around experience

Ensure you’re providing optimized information; live, personalized directions to not just your regular destinations within the district, but also those things that make your place valuable, such as events, pop-up stores, special offers, entertainment, giveaways, brand activations and even rest points that give people a chance to recharge.

Use digital signage to grab attention

Digital technologies are wonderfully informative but generally misused. Advertising alone isn’t an effective use of digital real estate. Telling people that a place exists or an offer is available just doesn’t cut it if it’s not accompanied with a compelling reason to engage, and the directions required to do so. Providing effective wayfinding is critical to customer satisfaction. Instead, use digital signage to direct customers to the best things happening right now and use technology to make sure those directions are adapting in real-time.

So, what’s the potential?

  • Customers find more of what they’re there for. 
  • Sales increases by up to 30%+. 
  • Side-events keep customers in the environment longer and provide huge value that wasn’t expected. 
  • Less friction, less aimless exploring, more informed adventures.

The primary goal is obvious – you’re creating an experience and an engaging environment that stands out. It gives customers comfort that they’ll come and find the things they’re after, every time – as though the environment understands their needs.

“The COVID-19 pandemic will eventually fade. The economy will recover, and the hospitality sector—from restaurants to hotels, casinos to sports—will regain its footing and look forward with confidence to a successful, thriving future. Now is the time for companies to act, adapt to the new normal, position themselves for nimbleness, and thrive in the years ahead.”
Deloitte – The future of hospitality


  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Customers come back more often
  • Brand growth
  • A footing for the future


If you want to rebuild consumer trust and improve sales efficiency, this is your opportunity to make your place more profitable. Reach out and get in touch with us so we can discuss how you can realize the potential of your place.

Malcolm Dungey, Chief Operating Officer, PAM



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