SEGD Charlotte

In the fastest growing city in the US, there is a palpable sense of progress in Charlotte. This city is thriving with new developments everywhere within its walls from the growing airport to world-class design firms building. Setting with constantly changing landscapes are the spaces PAM was build to support.

In October, PAM had the privilege of sponsoring the SEGD Charlotte Chapter event. Sam Coultrip presented some of the benefits in branded environments, residential environments and large facilities like airports. He had the pleasure of presenting a demonstration of the platform to settle any lingering questions. In the end, this provided a forum for all present to discuss the struggles they’ve faced and the stumbling points everyone in wayfinding has found.

The discussion took us later into the evening, and before we knew it, it was time for a beer and a burger. As luck would have it, the bar had a trivia night, and while we’d never consider ourselves to be the competitive type, competition ensued!

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