SEGD Miami, meet Pam

Producing the best software has been the sole focus of PAM since the very beginning.

After 2.5 years of continuous development, we decided we were ready to show the product we’re so proud of to the world. With the success of our beautiful website launch, we were decided the time had come to let the world see the results of all our hard work.

So, “World, meet Pam”, or more precisely, “Miami, meet Pam”.

SEGD 2017, Miami was the perfect occasion to showcase PAM. This was a fantastic opportunity to talk to designers in the wayfinding community and discuss how PAM can make their jobs and lives much easier.

The booth

After weeks spent prepping (and a few long hours spent flying from HQ in Australia), we were ready to make sure our work shine. As a result, it was incredible to discover PAM had created a buzz around the SEGD conference already. This only became more and more evident as we put up our booth to display how far the brand had come. With a booth only half up, designers and consultants started to recognise the brand and let us know they were keen to see the demo at the show.

Despite some battling with getting the booth up the end product looked amazing and we knew PAM had officially arrived. After that, PAM showcased itself while the booth wow’d the SEGD community.

The designers

The PAM wayfinding revolution wasn’t lost on our visitors as we took some time to show off the careful build and design of the software. We have to admit we didn’t mind the flood of questions along the lines of

“Does PAM do this …? Does PAM do that …?”

We’d been waiting years to see the priceless look on their faces as they discovered what Pam can do.

All these questions and discussions only confirmed one thing – that the PAM revolution was one we wanted designers to be hands-on with immediately. There was an excitement that was being built with every demo that was hard to ignore, especially as visitors returned with friends to show them too. A particular highlight was having one designer discuss leaving his job to come on board the Pam team!

In all, we couldn’t have been more pleased with showing the world PAM at SEGD Miami. Oh, and did we mention that we won the “Best Booth” in show award?

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