September Feature updates

PAM release 2.11 brought in a whole lot of improvements for the platform but there are two that really deserve a shout out!

After a little while in development, we’re pleased to announce the launch of photosphere images direct to markers and an update to our help slider.


Add more information to your markers than ever before. You can now assign photo-sphere images to a marker directly from your photo gallery. Support notes, photos and asset information with contextual images that show you the whole environment. Design new signs and understand your existing assets without ever leaving your desk.

Help Finder Update

This update is all about keeping things efficient while you’re learning your way around PAM. The help slider has been updated to help you find your way to knowledge base articles much faster! When you access the help slider articles will appear based on the content you’re already viewing.

Simply click the green help menu item on the top right-hand side of the screen from any part of PAM. The slider itself will appear on the right and display two tabs – videos & Knowledge Base. Find the articles you’re looking for by clicking on the knowledge base tab. Prefer a walk through how to? Our team is continually adding video demonstrations to the help slider to support your learning. Find these in the videos tab on the help slider.

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