Sign planning with speed and clarity in large precincts

Planning signage across large precincts or campuses is time-consuming and expensive. It is a process that requires buy-in from a range of stakeholders, who all need to be on the same page and clear on the outcomes of the project.

PAM has developed an augmented reality tool that helps the planning of sign locations and selling the vision of how they’ll look. It’s a faster and easier process that makes it simple for stakeholders to immediately understand the positioning of signs.

The PAM AR sign planning app has been developed to speed up sign planning in an existing environment. It’s perfect for retro-fitting a campus or district with signage program upgrades. This kind of project is often the result of a new brand implementation, a need to improve the wayfinding across the whole precinct or to comply with new regulations.

PAM AR visually represents a virtual sign type in a specific real-world location, in real time. A sign can be placed in a number of locations to see what it would look like from a variety of viewpoints and determine the best location. The signs are then captured as a photo so they can be shown to the relevant decision makers. Each sign type is accurately sized and only takes about 5 seconds to drop into a live view of any environment using your mobile phone camera.

As an example, the Australian National University has a variety of signs that need to be placed around the campus ranging from very large digital signs at the entry points to vehicular directional signs, pedestrian directional signs, destination signs, regulatory and facilities signage.

PAM AR creates working examples that look great, so the project can proceed quickly and with the full support of the project’s stakeholders, who have confidence in the final outcomes.

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