Sign Asset Management for Parks and Government Properties

How PAM helps deliver faster recovery, lowers cost and provides for easier signage maintenance over time.

PAM provides the opportunity to replace bushfire-ravaged signage infrastructure using a platform and process that will deliver a superior outcome.

When managing parks and other public environments, it is imperative to have all signage maintained from a single, easy-access system. PAM is an investment in your signage system that will result in lower operational costs, less time managing implementation or replacement, and better experiences for visitors. PAM is a sustainable way to manage your signage assets digitally. In Addition, PAM is a platform you can use to build upon and utilise for other signage and visitor experience programs in the future.

  • Signage Content
  • Geolocation
  • Sign Types
  • Advanced reporting
  • Approvals
  • Communications

PAM is an end-to-end platform for auditing, planning and maintaining signage. PAM can be integrated to supplement your existing management systems.

Signage Planning and Implementation

Use PAM OS to record your physical, digital and personal wayfinding assets across your estate, all from one central platform. Manage the fabrication and installation process with vendors, track every physical and digital signage asset through the process. (more)

Signage Maintenance and Reporting

Create an up-to-date data record of every destination on the property. Report on sign locations, content, valuations and sign types. Data is also used to ensure other visitor touchpoints like digital signage is always accurate and providing the best experience possible. (Video)

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