Smart City Digital Wayfinding: Downtown Las Vegas

Smart City Digital Wayfinding: Downtown Las Vegas

Case Study Down to Play
in Las Vegas

Smart Cities are transforming urban environments into efficient, environmentally friendly, and citizen-centric spaces. But how does this apply to areas of a city in need of urban regeneration? How do you create an environment where creativity meets enthusiasm and innovation and creates the type of magic where people get inspired and enthused by the potential of an alternative Smart City.

City custodians and representatives are driven to create resilient, inclusive, and accessible environments by trial agile, lightweight solutions. Combining the physical world with the virtual… This is where PAM became part of that Smart City solution for Las Vegas.

"Using the PAM Platform, we can now put residents at the heart of smart city technology and connect locals and visitors with businesses they may never have known existed. The smart wayfinding platform is a key part of our city revitalization campaign and provides key insights to improve our city."
Carolyn Wheeler, Executive Director
Downtown Las Vegas Alliance

Revitalizing Districts in Downtown Las Vegas

The pandemic-induced economic downturn meant cities faced an unprecedented challenge as public spaces remained empty and businesses struggled to survive. In Las Vegas, the closure of establishments resulted in an exodus from the city, leaving the commercial landscape desolate and uninviting. However, this crisis provided a unique opportunity to reimagine the future and leverage technology to build a smarter city.

The implementation of a resident-centric Smart City initiative brought about the revitalization of residential and commercial districts. This remarkable transformation of these districts enhanced community and tourist engagement through the use of smart navigation to connect people to what they love. Awesome, authentic and unique Downtown Las Vegas experiences.

Engaging City Experiences

Discover the true essence of Downtown Las Vegas with personalized wayfinding and smart navigation. Say goodbye to the dominance of tech giants like Google and Apple because now it’s the city officials, chamber of commerce, and associated businesses who control the virtual world’s alignment with reality, telling their own captivating story.

Through this new wayfinding technology, residents and visitors enjoy a multitude of routing options to suit their desires and needs:

  • – Discover city attractions and POIs
  • – Find delectable food & refreshing drinks
  • – Unearth unique experiences & promotions
  • – Immerse in thrilling entertainment
  • – Connect with sponsored events

All of this is seamlessly controlled through a single platform, capturing user data to enhance visitor experiences, boost brand engagement, and drive revenue. Get ready to dive into a mesmerizing adventure where Downtown Las Vegas unveil its secrets, making each moment unforgettable.

The Challenge

An initiative launched in 2023 by the Downtown Las Vegas Alliance, encourages residents to explore their own city. The “Down to Play”campaign, incorporates PAM’s Digital Wayfinding technology to revolutionize how visitors explore their city, connect with retailers, restaurants and businesses.

The Downtown Vegas Alliance (DVA) engaged PAM to help with the revitalization of Downtown Las Vegas and get the community to explore their amazing vibrant city.

Embracing the insights from user data, the DVA is looking for ways to improve the city experiences for residents and visitors using real data.

Tenant activation strategy

As part of the initiative, a low-risk and cost-effective awareness campaign was launched to promote more interactions and share city maps with both visitors and residents.

This campaign involved placing QR code signs on shopfronts, enabling the city to track every scan and identify the most effective locations. By analyzing this hyper-contextualized data, Las Vegas gains unprecedented insights into what people are searching for, be it businesses, promotions, or exciting events. This information empowers the city to become even smarter, benefiting residents in both the short and long term.

City of Las Vegas
Since the pandemic, Downtown Las Vegas has struggled to drive economic growth. We now have a new innovative smart city platform that is directly improving commercial outcomes through increased on-property footfall and customer engagement."
Don Jacobson, Business Partner for Innovation
City of Las Vegas

Connecting people to what they love

Las Vegas is rapidly becoming a smarter city, tailoring its offerings to the needs of its residents. The PAM eXplorer maps seamlessly connect six city districts, collecting valuable data from every user interaction.

Residents can virtually explore retailers and promotions on the DVA website and responsive web map before using their phones to effortlessly navigate their way to destinations and experiences. City tenants are benefitting from increased customer connections and engagement facilitated by smarter navigation.








The Smarts

This lightweight and low risk smart city tech is providing public benefit, directly improving commercial outcomes and capturing valuable insights on resident and visitor needs. Users are able to search six different city districts to discover events, promotions and a full directory of businesses then get directions to where they need to go. 

The city can now use insights from searches and clicks to inform future initiatives and projects that will directly benefit city residents.



So what do the people want?

Early feedback from businesses this year has been very positive with increased customer engagement through this innovative digital platform and increased on-property footfall reported.

The most popular section of the Platform is promotions. 163% of users are browsing promotions and a further 61% are interested in more information for specific promotions.

User engagement levels show 122% of users browse the directory with 42% looking for further and more specific tenant information.

Lastly, nearly half of all users are browsing the experiences (events) section with a further 15% looking for more information.

City of Las Vegas
“Wireless opens up a brand-new future and brand-new opportunities, not just for our community as a whole, but for businesses that come here or already work here.”
Michael SherwoodCurator of Disruptive Innovation
City of Las Vegas

The New Smart City

5G technology is crucial for the success of smart cities. Its high speed, reliability, and capacity enable transformative experiences and efficient urban management. With low latency and vast bandwidth, 5G facilitates real-time communication between devices and infrastructure, enabling data-driven decision-making.

Additionally, 5G connectivity provides richer information experiences like digital interactive maps to create value for residents and ultimately the city as a whole. By embracing 5G, cities improve residents’ lives, foster economic growth, and create sustainable, future-ready urban environments. 5G is the foundation for a smarter future to make places more productive, pleasurable and profitable.

Take the first step towards a smarter future for your city today! Embrace the power of 5G technology and unlock a world of transformative experiences, efficient urban management, and data-driven decision-making. Join the league of forward-thinking smart cities and revolutionize the lives of your residents, drive economic growth, and create sustainable, future-ready urban environments. Navigating the Future will make your city more productive, pleasurable, and profitable.

Contact us today to discuss options for your city or district.





The future works

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