Using technology to connect people to their environment

Connected Channels

  • Mobile & web

    Users interact with PAM through a web portal, a cross platform mobile app, and through wearable tech devices such as smart watches. This presents easy access to information, wayfinding, room reservations, NFC capabilities etc, and the personal nature of the mobile and wearable devices is what powers contextual information.

  • Displays & touchscreens

    The PAM system encompasses screens and displays of any size, both standard display and touch enabled.  Users integrate and interact with touch screens for access to information and directions, room booking, site access and OH&S compliance and visitor books. Real time messaging can be deployed to all displays to create alerts that are immediate, location specific and multilingual. The displays service real time pedestrian flow control through event ingress/egress, emergency scenarios, last minute directional or destination changes, event descriptions, advertising/promotion and wayfinding.

  • Signage & labels

    Real world signage can perform PAM functions to support the digital channels & vice versa, including the use NFC & QR Codes to prove ‘take with you’ directions, maps, tickets, coupons and more.

  • Beacons, sensors and cameras

    These sensors provide greater visibility of how the environment is being used. Real time visibility of environment changes, congestion and usage allows real time responses to users. Great visibility through camera access supports connected environment strategies and can identify opportunities to influence traffic behaviours. The ability to identify high use pathways and locations can also improve ‘just in time’ maintenance performance.

  • Data sources

    The PAM platform integrates and accesses real time data feeds based on all available senses, touch points and channels with insights, attribution and modelling. API integration opens this data to third party platforms, applications and reporting. Public and proprietary data sources such as timetables, rosters, and facilities booking systems can be integrated in to your connected environment.