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PAM is one powerful platform that contains a suite
of smart software tools and features, each working
together to improve customer experience.

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Powerful Options - For any campus, large district, hub or a whole city. PAM has products that work with your environment, systems and budget, which allow you to evolve and adapt to the future.

Synthesizing multiple information sources and delivering information in real-time, PAMOS is one vital piece of infrastructure to drive a multitude of tangible outcomes and solve many of the biggest challenges for district owners & operators.

Many products and systems do parts of what PAM does, but PAM is the worlds first complete smart navigation platform that seamlessly integrates the operational, environmental, and experiential elements of navigation, suitable to any environment.

PAM Digital Places

Create a beautiful virtual world where 3D maps are brought to life and enable smart navigation so your visitors can fully experience your campus.

connected experiences

A sense of place starts with connecting to your environment, knowing where you are and whats around you. PAM provides complete control of your visitors navigation experience through the big and small changes to your campus.

Whether you're managing an airport, university, performance centre or resort, use our smart navigation to help your visitors know what’s happening around them. Promote attractions, retail stores and brands, then show visitors the best route to each destination.

Use PAM’s intelligent wayfinding tools to provide contextual routes and information for all visitors to your place as it changes in real time. 3D district navigation, using PAM eXplorer maps, ties the city to and through your facilities. Visitors can simply engage with eXplorer maps through QR codes anywhere on your campus, to make your venue safer, more productive and accessible every day.

Take your venue one step further and scale up your Digital Campus experience by adding digital signage. Adding digital signage to the customer journey will ensure you offer the most engaging and connected navigation experience.

QR Code

Frictionless journeys

Stop, start, stop, start. If you’re expecting visitors to shift from app, to app, to app on their way to and through your campus - think again. Reduce friction in your environment by providing QR codes for visitors to access digital maps of your campus.
mobile maps

Personalized maps

Provide your visitors with access to your digital maps from QR codes placed anywhere on your campus. They can find directions to specific locations and see the most accessible and secure pathways.
Crowd Control

Safe places

Crowd control is essential when dealing with mass gatherings. When people are kept informed using digital signage, they are more responsive, calmer and ultimately safer.

PAM 360 Live

Our enterprise solution will bring your environment to life with premium customer engagement, branded experiences and frictionless navigation.

PAM Platform

PAM 360 Live connects your operations with wayfinding in your environment, to provide the most connected customer experience ever.

Turn your visitors into fans at major events with live updates to messaging, directions, mapping and routing that will reduce congestion and drive customer engagement. Provide a virtual twin of your property on interactive kiosks and smart phones so your customers can find exactly what they’re looking for.

Creatively engaging visitors, will improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue. Deliver contextual messaging to promote connected experiences and improve accessibility with event specific routing.

Don't let your next major event turn into lost opportunities; ensure your visitors know where to go, and how to get there. Frictionless navigation creates more time for visitors engage in brand activations and maximize your tenants' ROI.

Use PAM to develop navigation playbooks to manage events from start to finish, with dynamic information to enhance the flow of visitors. Help fans find their seat without wasting time. After a concert, game or convention, guide crowds to facilities and amenities across your district that will drive revenue opportunities.

Dynamic QR codes make it easy to access online content from any smartphone with precise, easy-to-follow routing to help visitors find any experience or brand in real-time. Update signs with event and venue information in the click of a button. Leverage promotional signage and interactive kiosks helping visitors get information when they need it most.

PAM Playbooks

Master your playbook

Smarter navigation means your property can adapt to any situation immediately. No fuss, no stress. Just a first-class experience for your visitors, who can enjoy their time to shop, dine and relax with friends.
Sign Manager

Smarter navigation

Manage crowd traffic and vehicular wayfinding throughout your district. Use Scenes to update directional signs to manage visitor flow as it changes to avoid bottle necks and congestion.
PAM 360

Simplify connectivity

In high traffic areas, it helps your visitors to see information directly in their line of sight. PAM 360 Connect provides you with the tools to connect as many digital signs and interactive kiosks as you need, quickly, efficiently and securely.

PAM Projects

Streamline and simplify the management of complex wayfinding and signage systems. These tools will put you in complete control.

PAM Projects provides the smarts you need to manage large wayfinding and signage systems in complex environments.

Maintain an effective wayfinding system and manage your brand reputation as your environment changes and adapts in response to population changes and business opportunities.

Ensure all branding, messaging and wayfinding guidance is up-to-date and consistent throughout your environment and provide your users with a connected experience.

Rapidly capture sign inventories and assign market valuations to view the impact of content and brand updates. Create work packages, manage stakeholder approvals, and coordinate vendors during implementation.

Manage cost centers, generate reports and sign-off on work, to streamline the delivery of sign projects saving time and maximizing your investment.


Coordinate teams

Coordinate the delivery of signage projects and collaborate with teams from anywhere at anytime on any device to keep documentation and deliverables in sync. Assign users to items requiring attention and manage RFIs to capture all activity across any project.

Asset management

Manage and resource your signage assets, geolocated on digital property maps, detailed CAD drawings and linked to your BIM and asset management systems.

Augmented reality

Ensure your vision meets reality, visualize signs and other assets in your environment before committing to production budgets. Use the PAM-AR App to place signs in real world environments, configure orientations and select locations before approving.

Safer places

Create safer environments for visitors and inhabitants of smart city districts. Provide live safety messaging to digital signs, kiosks and smart phones to navigate traffic and pedestrians efficiently. Stay connected with visitors to keep them informed of changes in the environment.

Smarter navigation

Utilize the PAM innovative online platform to efficiently plan and manage large and complex wayfinding systems. The result dramatically improves customer and staff navigation and the overall experience across your campus or smart city district.

Navigate the future of intelligent environments

  • A connected environment with smart navigation will positively impact the goals of your venue, tenants and brands. Communicating consistent information and providing an accessible and inclusive place while ensuring safety is front of mind can all be achieved using the PAM playbooks & Scenes features.

    The success of your venue relies on a centralised platform to mange crowds and traffic, with dynamic governance, minimised risk and compliance from one unified system.

  • Capture customer interactions at every touch point as a powerful extension to your marketing platform. Utilise analytics to understand the customer profiles and what their needs are so you can provide better experiences and improve purchasing behaviour.

    Where previously there was a disconnect between online engagement and offline action with retail customers or event attendees, PAM now connects the dots between digital activity and real world impact.


The future works

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