The future works.

PAM is one powerful platform that contains a suite
of smart software tools and features, each working
together to improve customer experience.

Many products and systems do parts of what PAM does, but we are the first complete CX navigation system that seamlessly integrates the operational, environmental, and experiential across any environment. Synthesizing multiple information sources, and delivering solutions in real-time, this one vital piece of infrastructure drives a multitude of tangible outcomes and solves many of the biggest challenges that district owners face.
Powerful Options - It may be one campus, a big district, or a whole city. PAM has products that work with your environment, systems and budget, and allow you to evolve and adapt to the future.

PAM Digital Campus

Seamlessly connect QR codes and digital signage to better connect visitors to your place.

PAM Project Manager

The easy way to navigate and manage complex signage.

PAM 360 Live

Frictionless navigation, branded environments, managing events, & customer engagement all in one.

PAM Smart City

Discover next-level understanding for efficiencies, opportunities and profitability. Be smarter, faster.

PAM Digital Places

Create a beautiful virtual world where 3D maps are brought to life and enable smart navigation so your visitors can fully experience your campus.

Mobile Maps

Greater Flexibility

Show the right content at the right time to the right visitors

Enable fast and accurate information updates

Immediately adapt and change routes via signage when there’s congestion

Universities can help guide visitors on open day

Hospital or transport hubs visitors can navigate confusing environments

Retail districts can help shoppers find that flash sale or promotion
Scan QR Code

Greater ROI

Promote tenant events and services to maximize their ROI

Proximity notifications alert visitors to what’s happening around them

Promote nearby attractions, sales points and brand activations

Show visitors the fastest route to their destination

Don't let major events turn into lost opportunities
Frictionless Journeys

Remove Barriers

Frictionless journeys = more time to enjoy + more money spent

PAM enables QR codes to access online content from any smartphone

No annoying app downloads to create friction

Precise, easy-to-follow routing helps visitors to their exact destination

PAM Projects

Streamline and simplify the management of complex wayfinding and signage systems. These tools will put you in complete control.


Sign inventory capture

Market valuations

Work package creation

Stakeholder approvals

Vendor coordination


Manage cost centers, generate reports and sign-off on work

All on one unified platform,

Streamline the delivery of your project

Save time and maximizing the value of your investment

Coordinate delivery and virtually collaborate across teams

Keeping all documentation and deliverables in-sync

Dynamically assign users to the parts of your project requiring their attention

Manage RFIs and feedback to capture all activity across your project


Manage and resource your assets

All geolocated and linked to digital property Maps and CAD files

Ensure all branding, messaging and guidance is up-to-date and consistent

Use OS Assets as a robust stand-along touchpoint asset manager

Or seamlessly integrate with current facility systems

Provide your users with a cohesive experience right across all brand touchpoints

The future works

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