Stadia Magazine: how sports venues can win the battle against in-home entertainment

PAM CEO has been talking about the future of stadiums, the use of data, and the battle to win fans back to venues post-covid.

“Getting people off the couch and out to events is still the biggest challenge facing venue owners. Making the experience less onerous is vital. For venue owners, this means embracing the power of data analytics to improve customer experiences and ROI. It has never been more important to move vehicular traffic through districts in a way that reduces congestion, while also guiding visitors to available parking, and seamlessly engage them with brands and experiences once they’ve arrived. This begins with understanding parking patterns and uptake. Armed with this data, venue operators can design better vehicular flow strategies, and optimize parking revenues. ”

Gathering data must go hand-in-hand with data-driven solutions.

“Venue owners need a strong data experience strategy – one that analyzes visitor journeys using POS, ticketing, location services and navigation data. If a visitor pain point isn’t seen, understood, and addressed, their experience suffers and dollars are left on the table. The data revolution is coming. So be prepared for it.”

To read more from this piece, visit Stadia Magazine HERE.

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