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Your success is our success

Customer Support

Pam provides customer support to clients as they build their connected environment.
Here’s some information on how to get the most from PAM, and help when you need it.

Your success is our success

At PAM we recognize that you, our Client, will have many stakeholders to satisfy. For this reason, “The Customer” is at the heart of everything we do. We provide your teams with the peace of mind they require to complete projects or tasks, knowing they are fully supported by our technically brilliant and service-obsessed Support Team.

Once you’re signed up and signed in, access our Support widget directly from our software. As our software evolves so too does our offer of support. We can offer tailored education packages on each aspect of our Software. We’ll provide the know-how and you can be on your way to becoming a PAM expert.





We’re here to make sure your experience with Pam is informative and valuable, from the very first time we speak. As you create a vision for your environment, we’re here to offer our knowledge and know-how. We will help you develop a strategic plan that delivers immediate benefits and ensures you’re well-placed to implement and grow your connected environment as technology evolves and needs change.

Pam’s service commitment is to ensure you have the support you need to implement a truly connected environment and provide a rewarding experience for every visitor to your property, now and into the future.


Pam’s cloud-based technology provides a reliable system that’s always  up-to-date – there’s no costly software updates to run or installations to complete. If your team finds a task particularly challenging, we provide technical support though our online tech-support ticketing system, or with a call to our technical support team.

We know that it’s sometimes hard for your whole team to be an expert with every software system your organization uses to manage your property, so we also provide a comprehensive support library to help you deal with tasks that require a reminder – but if you need us, we’re here for you!

Support Packages

Our support services are available in a Standard, Gold or Platinum license.

You may choose to scale up the support license at any given time should you require additional services or configurations to be made on a regular basis to reflect the environment.





(15% of license costs)


(35% of license costs)

Operate, maintain & secure platform Operate, maintain & secure platform Operate, maintain & secure platform
System 99% available business hours (9am – 5pm) System 99% available 7 days a week System 99.5% available, 7 days a week (99% available including change)
Business hours support 24/7 support 24/7 support

Account Manager

Half yearly review of customer insights

Dedicated Account Manager

Quarterly review of customer insights

Digital Media Manager Content Support

Dedicated local Account Manager

Monthly review of customer insights

Digital Media Manager Content Support

Annual eX Specialist review of your environment Half yearly eX Specialist review of your environment Quarterly eX Specialist review of your environment
Monthly allocation of 4 hours for configuration services Monthly allocation of 16 hours for configuration services


Pam provides a range of options to make sure your organization is in control and confident using Pam.

First and foremost, we provide you with face-to-face education via our expert team. Our education program covers all facets of using Pam, from the technical details of specific tasks, right up to the big-picture knowledge you need to adapt workflows as you grow.

To support your training, we’ve developed a comprehensive video education series to help your team quickly reacquaint themselves with specific modules within the Pam system. We supplement our video series with a library of detailed articles on each element of Pam – all at your fingertips from within the Pam system.

Training Services

All training is included in your initial set-up and implementation.

However, as people are added to PAM we are always ready to help get them up and running
quickly and easily with our user training sessions. Just contact your account manager to setup
a screen share and we will show you how easy PAM is to use. We also offer on-site
training sessions if preferred.

Your license includes access to the ‘PAM Help Centre’ articles and videos for all user types.

PAM Account Manager

  • – Configure platform settings
  • – Manage CAD & navigation plans


  • – Add managers & general users
  • – Dictionary & information management
  • – Manage work packages
  • – Cost management

Facility Manager

  • – Approve changes to wayfinding information
  • – Manage work package costs

Project Manager

  • – View work package costs
  • – Approve installed assets


  • – Wayfinding information & location planning
  • – Prepare work packages

Digital Content Publisher

  • – Create digital content
  • – Plan content for digital touch-points

Installer / Auditor

  • – Auditing environments
  • – Installing assets


Creating a connected environment is a constant evolution. Environments grow, technology evolves and the needs of your visitors change.

Pam is committed to working with you to continuously revise and reimagine your connected environment – your success will be driven by rigorous analysis and effective strategic responses to the way your visitors want to use your space.

Pam provides each client with a dedicated partner who works to make sure that you’re delivering great experiences to your visitors right now, and helps you plan for the next steps in your journey.

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