Navigating New Beginnings – Smart Navigation for Universities

Navigating a large university campus can be daunting, whether you’ve been there for 5 minutes or 5 years. The good news is the world is obviously getting smarter and so is smart navigation for universities. The latest personal technologies connected to useful campus data is helping campus managers turn this problem into a seamless, enjoyable navigation experience for more people, …

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Corporate Campus Navigation

Corporate campus navigation – Improving engagement & culture

Companies are concentrating on the return of their staff to workplaces and making sure it’s a generally popular, frictionless transition. With this goal in mind, one focus is corporate campus navigation. It’s not just about encouraging staff back; there’s real benefits for both staff and company productivity when destinations are easier to find and campuses are better places to be. …

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Connected Students

Why a connected campus is key to attracting new students

The competition for student enrolments has never been stronger. The campuses that adapt to changing needs and embrace digital transformation will win the battle for student enrolments and create a connected campus. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many industries to rethink, innovate and find new ways to compete – and education is no exception. As a recent article in the …

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