How smart navigation technology is adding a layer of humanity to cities

Smart navigation technology is making cities and neighbourhoods more ‘human’, healthy and user-centric. Here are some of the opportunities on the horizon. Imagine if the cities of tomorrow could measure human wellness, encourage us to stretch, nudge us towards better habits, or lift our mood? What if they could alleviate loneliness and improve our mental health? There’s a growing push …

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Frictionless fan experience will be top of the 2021 agenda

Sports and stadium technology experts Sports Tech World Series (STWS) have published their top 10 sports tech predictions for 2021. Among their predictions is the rise of the frictionless fan experience. The frictionless fan experience is focused on removing barriers, bottlenecks and discomfort from a fan’s visit to a sporting venue. It’s particularly important in the Covid era. Reducing friction can …

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Entertainment Precincts

Entertainment precincts – How Facilities Management handles a dynamic event calendar

Entertainment precincts now focus heavily on brand experiences and events to draw in visitors. Stadiums are now conducting ‘Halloween Nights’ and other seasonal events that use large portions of their property that are otherwise under-utilized. Shopping malls run Beauty Festivals that draw in large crowds at times the mall is otherwise quiet. The shift in the fundamental business model of these …

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