5 reasons to move from PDF maps to digital maps for your property

The way we navigate the world has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years, largely thanks to the rapid advancements in digital technology. Gone are the days of printed maps and static PDFs that struggle to keep up with our fast-paced lives. In this article, we’ll explore five compelling reasons why PDF maps are becoming obsolete, and why innovative digital …

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How to create Digital Gateways for PAM eXplorer Maps

In today’s fast-paced digital world, finding our way through unfamiliar locations has become easier than ever thanks to digital wayfinding platforms like PAM. These platforms provide interactive maps that guide users to their destinations with ease. To enhance the accessibility and convenience of such platforms, it is crucial to create digital gateways that enable customers to access interactive maps on …

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Enhancing Guest Experience with Dynamic Digital Wayfinding

In the age of digital advancements, providing seamless navigation for guests has become essential for businesses. Dynamic digital wayfinding offers a solution that innovates on traditional signs, guiding visitors effortlessly through complex environments. Leveraging today’s technology with real-time information, smart city districts and smart stadiums & venues are transforming the guest experience, creating memorable and engaging journeys from home to …

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Intelligent routing for digital maps

Intelligent Routing for digital maps

Intelligent routing for digital maps means you can seamlessly create and manage routes on your campus. Give your operations team full control of their digital environment and create wayfinding routes within PAM’s Digital Map Editor. Assign properties to different routes with ease and preview what you have just created. The fast and simple tool means you can changes can be …

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Earth Day 2023

Invest In Our Planet

Happy Earth Day 2023! Today, as we celebrate our planet and the importance of sustainability, it’s important to consider how we can minimize our impact on the environment while still achieving our goals. At PAM, we believe that our innovative digital signage and digital wayfinding platform provides a perfect example of how we can embrace sustainability while still meeting our …

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5 reasons a Digital Wayfinding Platform is needed for large events

If you’ve ever attended a big event, you know how overwhelming it can be to navigate a crowded venue. With so many people, events, and activities, it’s easy to get lost or miss out on something you wanted to see. That’s where digital wayfinding comes in. At PAM, we believe that a digital wayfinding platform can be a game-changer for …

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