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Tenant Directory - Make sure your business is always found

The Tenant directory within PAM is a powerful feature that enables users to easily locate any store they are looking for and allow visitors to engage with their environment. The directory provides guests with a list of all businesses and services available in the district. Visitors can search by area, business type, service provided, and more. Highlight hours of operation and location so customers know exactly where to find any store. Each tenant has the ability to display key information with a route to their store location on the eXplorer map from anywhere in the city.

Each directory provides a list of tenants that include their picture/logo, address, category and distance to location. The list can be filtered by categories/tags to help all users find what they are looking for.

All tenants can upload the following information:
- Brand image & Logo
- Address & contact info
- Opening / closing times
- Website link
- Promotion or event (when applied)
Tenant directory

Promotions - Increase sales and store engagement

Ready to boost engagement or impressions for a sale on the weekend? How about getting more customers through your doors during an event? Increase your tenant’s appeal by including promotions that are viewable and easily recognised by customers. Promotions allow tenants to advertise a special offer or sale within the smart navigation platform. The promotions can be seen on interactive kiosks and eXplorer maps on mobile phones.


Tenants need to follow a few simple steps and provide simple content to have their promotion visible.
1. Select a start and finish time
2. Find a high quality 1080x1080px image for the promotion
3. Choose an end destination URL for customers to land on. This could be a booking page or direct link to their store location in PAM
4. Provide a CTA

For more information on the exact details of how to add promotions in PAM, contact your account manager.

Experiences & Events - Help visitors know whats on

Connect visitors with their surroundings so they can discover the events and experiences that will make their day great! Guide your visitors along the best routes in your district so they enjoy each and every journey.

Assign current and future experiences to locations, so visitors discover what's on in the district. Set event locations within the map, to sell tickets, create awareness and enable visitors to 'virtually' explore their environment.

Provide live content to customer kiosks and their smartphones to show what experiences are active in any location, and the ideal route to get there. They can even see travel times and mobility options available to them.


Tenants need to follow a few simple steps and provide simple content to have their event or experience visible.
1. Identify event time and location
2. Find a high quality image in portrait and landscape
3. Short description of the event/experience

For more information on the exact details of how to add experiences in PAM, read the knowledge base article below or contact your account manager.
mobile experiences

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