The four pillars of the digital wayfinding experience

We all live in a digitally enabled world and digital wayfinding is now a critical element of any district and campus customer experience strategy. 

Providing this kind of next-generation experience to customers requires a robust, intelligent platform. The PAM Smart Navigation Platform is designed to provide this level of customer experience. 

PAM manages content delivery to an array of digital touchpoints through the environment, connecting customers with more experiences to drive higher levels of satisfaction, brand engagement and profit.

Connected customer experiences

When customers engage with your district, it’s important to provide personalised information tailored to them. Different customer profiles have unique needs and expectations of your environment amenity, sponsors and brands. Once we help identify what customer groups to focus on, we create customer profiles, this becomes the north star of the solution design process.

Digital wayfinding experience

Now we can consider what solutions and technologies will meet their needs. What technologies will be used to connect customers with brands, products and services in the district? It’s important to include brand and vendor locations to improve the customer experience. We should also consider the services that are most useful to each customer group, and prioritize that information. A young couple will be interested in accessible routing for strollers, and family rooms for tending to a baby’s needs. A more mature VIP may want to find elevators and coat room for instance. 

Brand engagement

While designing a customer experience is our primary priority, we also use the eX Labs process to focus on delivering the best possible solution for the district’s tenants, sponsors, advertisers and sales points. Connecting sponsors with visitors and fans drives brand engagement across your district in an essential win-win for all stakeholders. 

A combination of physical signage, QR codes and digital customer touchpoints connect customers with PAM’s digital eXplorer maps, so they can enjoy everything your district has to offer.

  • Find and navigate to any destination or entry point
  • Find food, refreshments & restrooms
  • Promote experiences, events and sponsors
  • Drive customers to store locations
  • Future ticket sales
  • Promote online retail
  • Advertise partners and sponsors
  • Provide frictionless guidance through the dynamic environment

It’s likely that the district already has existing customer-facing tech in place, such as a mobile app. When working to identify the commercial requirements of a project, the eX Labs discovery process identifies opportunities to seamlessly integrate the digital eXplorer maps into existing technologies, and how to boost the productivity of these technologies.. PAM works with other vendors to align outcomes and manage expectations.

Operational efficiency

A safe and enjoyable environment relies on the accuracy, availability and good management of navigation. Detailed operating plans, managed by key stakeholders, will run the district smoothly each day. During eX Labs, we meet with your operations team to answer some particular questions. How does your district operate? Where are the boundaries and access points? How will the environment and interactions with surrounding properties be managed? 

When considering how to answer these questions we refer to:

  • Campus masterplans
  • Brand & wayfinding signage guidelines
  • Digital signage guidelines / standards
  • Website & App designs
  • Customer experience vision / guidelines
  • Project schedule, phases + key dates 

Having as much documentation ready as possible will help to establish a clear understanding of the district’s requirements now and in the future.

Your Navigation Playbook

Modern, flexible environments are very complex, the job here is to simplify the navigation experiences for your customers. Each campus has a variety of operational and commercial drivers, which can’t be supported by traditional signage and navigation solutions. PAM provides a means to creating flexible, engaging environments through contextual navigation information. The  method to implement them – Playbooks – is a pre-designed  Scene used to control the content on any digital touchpoint – mobile wayfinding, digital directional signage or interactive kiosks. Each touchpoint provides customers with accurate, real-time information to keep vehicles and pedestrians flowing and engaged with sponsor brands and experiences. 

Playbook navigation ‘Scenes’ are pre-programmed with customer navigation content. To support any event specific experiences, scene changes can be made at certain times or triggered by certain events throughout the day. This enables the operations team to plan ahead and manage pedestrian and vehicular routing within your district. Management and operating plans will guide the creation of scenes for each day, to support specific operating modes as well as contingencies such as emergency management.

Routes outside of the district can be managed by open street maps and connect routes from anywhere in your city to the district’s digital map. 

Reach out to us for your next major event or digital wayfinding project. Our eXLabs process will help you and your team identify key decisions, planning and outcomes to ensure your event or project is a success and provides the ultimate fan experience. 

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