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A journey of
many destinations

Inbound navigation can be daunting and difficult to understand, particularly for the first time visitor. Centrally managing mobility, navigation & parking will help visitors get to the right destinations, entrance or exit with minimal stress and anxiety.


Finding the correct parking and terminal for a departing flight can be stressful in unfamiliar places - particularly when cultural barriers come into play.

Journeys – Share journey times to any destination so travellers can find the time to explore retail

Amenities – Connect travellers with amenities and lounges so they can really enjoy their holiday or just relax before a business flight

Routes – Show closed pathways or roads during building works or major events, provide alternative routes to destinations

Accessibility – Providing accessible, illuminated and secure pathways creates safer personal journeys

Social – Travellers can share their location so family, friends and colleagues can find them easily.
PAM Airport Departure Wayfinding

Customer touchpoints
& wayfinding

PAM 360connect directory

Interactive kiosks with 360 Reactive

Bring your environment to life with frictionless navigation, branded environments and customer engagement strategies. Use PAM’s intelligent wayfinding tools to provide contextual routes and information for all visitors to your place. Promote attractions, retail stores and brands, then show visitors the best route to their destination.

Update signs with event and venue information in just a the click of a button. Leverage promotional signage to increase revenue and sales. Set up interactive kiosks to help every visitors get information when they need it.

eXplorer maps and experiences

Give your visitors the kind of information they really need - the best parking, closest building entrance, ideal location for a coffee and the shortest route to their destination. Enable smarter navigation with QR codes and digital signage to make your venue safer and more productive every day.

Every experience, no matter how big or small, can be found by your customers. Whether they're heading to the headline act that's drawing the big crowds, or simply if they're trying to find their airport gate, your visitors can find any location or event as it's happening.


The inbound journey experience can be confusing and stressful when connecting with another flight. Kiosks and directories are not always there when you need them and websites are often difficult to navigate.

Journeys – Provide travellers the route to their destination and how long it will take to keep anxiety down and give confidence to explore the shops and experiences along the way

Communication – Travellers can share their location so friends can find them anywhere in the terminals and know how long it will take them to get there

Availability – Supplement Kiosks with low-cost QR codes in your terminals so travellers can quickly connect to your terminal navigation

Engagement – Retailers can run live sales promotions to drive brand engagement and sales.

PAM Airport Departure Wayfinding
interactive kiosk
Transport experiences

Find transport experiences
and amenities

best mobile routing

Provide the best routes
updated in real time

interactive kiosk

Connect customers with sponsors
and brand activations

mobile access

Access everything on a kiosk
right on your smartphone!


Navigating the arrivals terminal can be daunting and difficult to understand, particularly for the first time visitor.

- Centrally managing mobility & parking will help visitors get to the right destinations and exits with minimal stress and anxiety.

- PAMs live eXplorer maps can be accessed on digital kiosks, screens and mobile phones.

- Make baggage and finding transport options seamless.

- Provide travelers with shopping and restaurant options before they make their way out.
PAM Airport Arrival Wayfinding
transport QR code
Mobility – Easily accessed mobility & parking information helps visitors exit the terminal and make their way to their right destinations

Connection – Help travelers find transport options, which improves customer experience and reduces congestion

Social – Travelers are excited to see friends and family. Help them send their location and ensure a stress free reunion

Engagement – Promote Duty Free and other airport retail options, whether it's for this trip or their return flight home

Smart Transport Navigation

transport Digital Kiosk

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