Internal signage location and content planning for new university extension.

Internal signage location and content planning for new university extension.

Case Study: Université de Montréal

A New Generation of Wayfinding for a Leading University

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> Auditing
> Planning
> Development
> Deployment


Fast, Accurate Execution

Working off plan, the wayfinding design firm charged with the project – Bélanger Design – had the challenge of delivering the completed signage and wayfinding planning within a matter of weeks.

Traditionally meeting this deadline would have been impossible without burning staff time, increasing chances for error and decreasing profitability. Utilizing PAM Studio’s planning tools, Bélanger were able to locate thousands of signs and schedule their content within just two weeks, delivering their project ahead of time.

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A Platform for Success

Using PAM Studio, the Campus and associated building floorplans plans were geo-referenced and sign templates were implemented using PAM Studio tools. The sign content for every sign at the University was quickly added to the Destination Dictionary by Bélanger for a wide variety of sign types.

Once the new signs were laid out within PAM Studio and the planning process was complete, location plans and content schedules were exported at the click of a button as reports, directly from PAM. The results: Bélanger Design were spending valued time on planning and design, not formatting documents. Reports we’re accurate and elegantly presented. Future modifications will be easy to process and the system now has the capability to drive digital and device-based touchpoints.

"In using PAM for our project, we planned 3,000 signs and their locations in two weeks. PAM's efficiency has allowed us the luxury of time on strategic wayfinding solutions. The cloud based software has made it possible for us to deliver our projects faster and more accurately.”
Kei Huynh, Designer, Bélanger Design