UTS Launches Wayfinding Kiosk

Universities are difficult navigate for guests, staff and students alike. Campus’ are broken up into multiple buildings spanning large geographic footprints with changing demographics. For the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) a focus on visitor experience on campus meant they were no strangers to this issue. Giving their students a clear point of truth in their wayfinding journey was a priority, one they are solving with the installation of a Directory Kiosk.

Display Events.

UTS will be able to pre-program information for events to support students and guests and promote campus social activities. Scheduled  content means students, guests, and staff know exactly what’s on, when and where. This drive to keep students and guests informed about events bolsters the UTS commitment to keeping cutting confusion and increasing interaction.

Information meets fingertips.

The new solution designed by PAM with UTS cuts the need for expensive touch screens and complex individual programming. The interactive kiosk works by pairing a tablet to a screen of UTS’ choosing and directing information to this from their PAM source of truth. Using the attached tablet students and guest can easily find the information that matters most to them. Much more than  directions and room number, this kiosk provides information such as phone numbers for security, or reception. Making campus safer, easier and more connected than ever.

The usual suspects.

The kiosk will feature everything you would expect. Acting as a live map for the university, students are able to look up directions, locations, and information on campus. A clear directory allows students access to information on room locations getting them back on track fast.

Scrolling directory list.

A golden pillar for knowledge; the kiosk features a scrolling directory list. Enabling students to access information about the building they’re in while another person use the tablet to access refined information.

Navigating a university is complex, but with the installation of their new kiosk UTS has made it easy for everyone to find where they need to be on campus.

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