Venues navigating the return to normal after Covid-19

Every venue faces the challenge of reintroducing customers back into venues, without compromising health and safety.

Every return-to-normal strategy will include a plan that can handle the pedestrian flow of ever-greater volumes of customers while also providing reliable social distancing and adherence to other Covid regulations. Intelligent digital wayfinding gives venue managers a way of making sure customers can safely attend an event, take advantage of the amenities provided, and enjoy the show.

A great starting point is to use dynamic digital signage in primary entranceways, to direct traffic based on volume. For instance, if Entry One is busy but Two and Three have low visitor flow, use digital signage to direct visitors to those less-stressed entrances. A dynamic system will allow you to update your directional signage site-wide instantly, based on metrics you set. In support of this primary strategy, implement signage throughout the venue that helps customers immediately find what they’re after and therefore reduce foot traffic on the concourse. It will not just reduce congestion but also connect customers with goods and services faster. Your system can direct them to the shortest lines, with the least crowd buildup and risk.

Stay touchless and guide your customers without risking excessive staff-to-customer contact. Provide detailed 3D maps of your venue using your digital signage. Implement a touchless hand off to mobile navigation, via QR code. Great maps ensure that your customers understand the layout of your venue, know where the amenities they’re after are, and how busy those points of sale are. Use real-time heat maps to indicate quick lines to make purchases and busy areas to avoid.

Your directional signage can also provide real-time, responsive regulatory messaging. Where a build-up of customers is starting to occur, change your messaging and remind customers to keep masks on. Suggest crowds disperse and move to a safer area. Tell customers where safer alternative gathering places are within your property. Use directional messaging and maps to help them get there!

After each event, use the same methods to encourage a gradual departure from the venue. Use your dynamic digital wayfinding signage to balance crowd flow and provide assurance to customers. Rather than a mass exodus that creates crowd buildup at exits, direct customers to post event amenities or suggest they take a walk before they head home. This will ease pressure and congestion on transport, as well as extend the sales window.

Engaging these methods will not only ensure that Covid regulations are adhered to, but also provide a safe, friendly environment that customers will want to come back to.

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