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Wayfinding Documentation

Here at PAM, we’ve always said we create beautiful documentation, but what does that mean?

It is a universally acknowledged truth that few people start wayfinding projects solely to fulfil a love of message schedules. So, to get you back to the work you actually love, we’ve created a solution.

Messaging schedules and location plans are a source of truth in any wayfinding project. While creating this source of truth is an important step one in the project plan – these schedules have traditionally been created in excel or similar slow moving setups.The tedium of creation over, the review process becomes another major milestone. Weeks of back and forth with laborious cross referencing and easily lost email chains is common place on the road to approval.

A life without paperwork is the dream, and with PAM we’re driving toward that dream.. Working with a source of truth, our platform generates detailed location plans and message schedules that practically write themselves as you update your project.

How we’ve achieved this:

See what you get

With PAM you work visually, and this means less chance for human error – no more designing in the dark. Our platform allows you to see a mockup of your signs before production and installation of every sign. Viewing a mockup of your signs avoids nasty surprises when you go into production. The days of character counting and impossibly long name troubles are over.

With PAM you store each sign as an individual asset with a page that functions like location detail reports. Linking to the asset to locations on a floor plan, the asset page includes all information for that specific sign including sign visualisation, photographs, artwork, installation notes, sign changes, and approvals. The result of designing right into this is the end of cross-referencing large documents – an asset page allows you to view and edit any information.

Live Feedback

Don’t wait weeks for the message schedule reviews. Instead manage your projects pain points through our simple approval system, on any device you like.

With each sign visualised on its asset page, PAM has eliminated the need for markdown language in customer-facing documents. Making an easy-to-read page for your customer to review as needed.

Work more collaboratively than ever before with your clients with PAM’s asset management pages. Using asset pages means your customer can review and leave feedback on their project via any device at a click of a button. Highlighting issues stage by stage rather than on mass in location and messaging documentation, allows you to generate a single live source of truth for your project.

Keep your history

PAM’s source of truth asset marker allows you to keep track of all changes, reviews and updates an asset has gone through during a project. Listed by time, these logs keep track of the names of all people involved in the creation of an asset and any change or review along the way. Keeping you and your client in the loop about asset changes and approvals along the way.

Automatic Message Schedules and Location Planning

Each change or update lodged in PAM updates your message schedule and location plan automatically.

These live updates  means your documentation will be accurate and updated to the second before you download or print the file. Combined with live client review this means your messaging schedule and location plan will always be up to date and available at the click of a button.


Documentation will always be part of the wayfinding process, but with PAM you can streamline While using PAM won’t remove the need for documentation entirely, it will allow you to streamline the process of its creation and review. Documentation through PAM means better communication with your client and beautiful documentation for every project.

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