PAM drives Las Vegas Formula 1 digital map

The inaugural Formula 1® event in Las Vegas marked a significant triumph not only for the racing world, but also for the fans using the Formula 1 digital map by PAM. Accessed through the F1 Las Vegas App developed by Yinzcam, digital wayfinding played a pivotal role in enhancing the fan experience for the 315,000 attendees.

In the midst of the Formula 1 extravaganza in Las Vegas, the spotlight wasn’t solely on the high-speed races but also on the way fans explored the expansive city venues. PAM’s Smart Navigation Platform quietly played a supporting role, enhancing the overall fan experience.

Certain spots emerged as favorites, The Kishner Entry, East Harmon Zone by Virgin Hotels Las Vegas, Manhattan Entry, T-Mobile Zone at Sphere, F1 Las Vegas Hub, Audrie Entry and the West Harmon Zone. Tenant-related information garnered a significant amount of clicks, showcasing how the platform quietly facilitated interactions with sponsor brands and partners, bars and amenities. Heat maps collected user interactions from each of the event days

Around 85,000 fans, roughly one in three attendees, seamlessly embraced the digital wayfinding courtesy of PAM. Users engaged with the maps 4.6 times on average, spending approximately 6.36 minutes engaged on the maps. Shared experiences were fostered as event locations were passed around 17,763 times, turning grandstands, zone entries, and hotels into more than just dots on a map.

Of the users who accessed the Formula 1 digital map, the majority came directly through the F1 Las Vegas App, while others made their way via links such as email outreach and the official F1 Las Vegas website. It’s a low-key, multi-channel approach that enriched user connections.

It’s more than just navigation; it’s an experience. The success of FORMULA 1 HEINEKEN SILVER LAS VEGAS GRAND PRIX wasn’t just about races; for us at PAM it was about the synergy between speed and seamless navigation. As we delve into the numbers, it’s clear: PAM isn’t just providing digital maps; it’s shaping the narrative of how attendees interact with their surroundings, rewriting the script for major events.

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