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  • As the world continues to change, so does PAM, continuing to improve the future of intelligent environments. She sees all, speaks the truth, connects the dots, and turns visitors into fans!

  • Cities & parks

    Public spaces are gathering points for a wide range of inhabitants and users. By creating a connected experience that communicates across barriers and informs, guides, educates and entertains, PAM is able to transform behaviours and use cases and extend the functionality and experience of the spaces. Cities of the future will adopt connectivity and interoperability as a matter of course, to respond to the needs of their inhabitants; by approaching them as connected experiences today, we can future proof their development and build a new experience that will be ready for the disruption of tomorrow.

  • Transport networks & hubs

    Wayfinding in new and existing transport networks across all modes of movement is a difficult problem for many modern cities. A connected environment moves past the lower level signage obstacles by strategically sharing information about routes, scheduling, disruptions and public alerts in cross platform messaging and request responses. A connected transport experience also allows for more competent and contained crisis solutions.

  • Precincts & campuses

    For employees, students and other users and inhabitants, navigating campuses such as universities, workplaces and hubs can be simplified and improved through a connected experience. Messaging that guides contextually and efficiently improves people movements and flows, and creates a greater connection to the environment and the organisation. Stakeholders are able to better interact with their immediate area, multiple locations and their own responsibilities to their campus.

  • Education

    Additionally, students are better positioned to take part in learning experiences by being more familiar with their classrooms and the information sharing within them. A connected experience can become an extension not only of their campus, but also of their faculty, their resources and their entire learning experience.

  • Healthcare

    Hospitals and healthcare providers today require a new way of communicating with staff, with patients and with users to respond to incidents, triage cases and distribute limited staff and resources. A connected experience is a way to streamline these logistics and informational obstacles. Additionally, opening up hospital precincts to better wayfinding and contextual guidance can improve workflows and save precious, potentially life saving minutes.

  • Resorts & hospitality

    By allowing guests to be more connected, hospitality providers are able to increase their use of resources and recreational activities, ensure they have a positive stay, and increase business by better serving the needs of their clientele. Information sharing, interactivity and predictive services can solve many issues for staff and resolve guest challenges positively and quickly.

  • Corporate

    With thousands of staff, corporations have a responsibility to a huge number of employees and stakeholders whose health, wellbeing, management, safety and resourcing is a major priority. A connected experience offers a centralised approach to this that removes friction points and spreads information through the workforce to better prepare them for challenges, organisational change and daily productivity.

  • Retail

    Physical retail spaces can benefit from attribution, insights, forecasting and analytics that allows them to understand shopper behaviour and see interaction points directly connected to on-site purchasing. The data that a connected experience can provide not only enables deep analysis of shoppers, it also allows retail spaces to offer a personalised experience to each individual that can improve their chances of spending in their space.

  • Residential

    Residential areas can be made more connected, improving the health, safety and security of their inhabitants and building relationships between them. The modern residential area can now be a more vibrant community, supporting data that shows that health and happiness is directly influenced by the level of support, knowledge and information available publically and between residents.


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