Turn your visitors into
fans with connected experiences

Connect your customer touchpoints

PAM removes the barriers that personalize places to people to make every customer experience pleasurable, productive and profitable.

Build an eco-system of connected customer touchpoints to deliver a truly first-class experience for your guests. Connect the data in your environment to your operations and create truly personalised user experiences that will keep your guests coming back for more.


Create an environment that connects your visitors with the events and services happening in your district.

Connecting a multitude of touchpoints across the property and share information with visitors, across any medium, in real time.

Information on events, promotional offers, brand activations or advertising messages can be pushed out to the network, along with the map routing to the corresponding destinations. Your visitors will clearly understand what's happening around them in your district, when, and the fastest, easiest way there. Routes can be designed to take in other areas of interest within the property. Deliver information to mobile devices and extend the range of connected experiences beyond the boundaries of district.

Empower marketing and event teams

Create events linked to locations on property maps. Set the event once and promote it consistently across all digital touch points instantly. A personalized journey will take visitors from their current location to the event, class, sale or promoted location, according to what they like and how they want to get there.

Leverage your platform to create opportunities for tenants, advertisers or sponsors. Offer packaged promotions that coincide with specific times or event triggers, such as the beginning of a concert, the end of a game or the dinner time restaurant rush.

Master your environment

Your connected environment can also provide dynamic directional information. At the end of a concert, game or convention, program your connected touchpoints to guide your large volume of visitors to other facilities and amenities across the property. Later, change again to help guests make their way safely to transport or parking. Should circumstances change, adapt on the spot. Last-minute event changes, full parking lots, road closures or pedestrian re-routing can be handled with the click of a button.

Create a deeper connection

Intelligent communications within the district makes sure that no matter the time or circumstance, the property can adapt. No fuss, no stress; just a first-class brand experience. Visitors who are clear on what is happening and are comfortable in their environment spend more time - more time to shop, dine, relax and enjoy.

Information – Intelligent navigation to direct vehicular and pedestrian traffic to reduce congestion in real-time.

Events – Drive visitors to events taking place while they're on the property, or sell tickets for upcoming concerts, education sessions, movies or games.

Promotions – Create awareness of products and service offerings throughout the venue to improve customer engagement and revenue.

Critical events – Emergency scenarios that inform and direct customers to safety.


CASE STUDY: University of technology Sydney

University of Technology Sydney (UTS) is Australia’s leading young university and ranked 15th in Times Higher Education’s 2017 global ranking of universities under 50 years old.

The university is quick to embrace new technology and support innovation, and is now utilising data collated by PAM to enhance the campus experience using a mix of physical signs, digital directories, kiosks, microsites and apps.

READ: UTS Case Study

Inform better decisions in your environment

  • Wayfinding

    A connected environment can assist you in the integration of systems, processes and activities that impact the long term goals of your organisation. By communicating consistent information, content and accessibility while ensuring the interactivity of your space, you can manage governance, risk and compliance from one unified system.

  • Insights

    User interactions and touch points through the PAM platform make a connected environment a powerful extension of existing analytics engines and enable attribution of purchasing behaviour. Where previously there was a disconnect between online engagement and offline action in retail customers or event attendees, PAM can connect the dots between disparate digital activity and real world impact.

  • Forecasting

    The data that can be accessed via PAM about the users in your environment can assist in forecasting growth, transformation and developing KPIs for a wide range of projects. This data can guide and inform decision makers about their environment, and access through the PAM platform allows agility in shifting and optimising initiatives based on real time analytics and performance reporting.

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