Time well spent.

No matter what - or where - your district is,
working with PAM pays off. When people see
the value of your place, they'll spend
more time and money.

Without connection we’re lost. It’s what makes us human, it enriches every moment. PAM is all about removing barriers so you can connect people to what they love.

Information – Intelligent navigation to direct vehicular and pedestrian traffic to reduce congestion in real-time

Events – Drive visitors to events taking place while they're on the property, or sell tickets for upcoming concerts, education sessions, movies or games

Promotions – Create awareness of products and service offerings throughout the venue to improve customer engagement and revenue

Critical events – Emergency scenarios that inform and direct customers to safety

Marketing - Empower marketing teams & leverage your platform to create opportunities for tenants, advertisers or sponsors

Sports, Entertainment & Retail

Connect people to what they love

Removing the usual barriers, we turn your visitors into fans.

  • Make events more profitable
  • Enable successful retail tenants
  • Manage your brand reputation
  • Improve vehicular traffic flow
  • Prioritize crowd safety
  • Deploy contextual sponsorship campaigns

Resorts, Exhibition & Convention centres

Showcase all you have
to offer

Guest satisfaction – and revenue – increases when people can easily find what they’re looking for.

  • Elevate your brand experience
  • Manage large events & crowds
  • Promote underutilized services
  • Create awareness of events
  • Control safety, inclusivity & accessibility
  • Enable successful tenants

Corporate, Education & Healthcare

The power of knowledge

Your district will impress visitors and tenants when they know exactly where they’re headed.

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  • Make safety a priority
  • Be inclusive & provide equitable access for all
  • Manage your reputation & brand everywhere
  • Make everywhere on campus discoverable
  • Provide a platform for events & activities
READ: Education Case Study

Transport Hubs

A journey
of many destinations

You can maximize your revenue and passenger experience when every want and need is met along the way.

  • Navigate connecting complex modes of transport
  • Seamlessly manage journey friction points
  • Make safety a priority
  • Be inclusive and provide equitable access for all
  • Enable successful retail tenants
  • Manage brand reputation

Smart Cities & Civic

A place people want to be

Cities need to be smarter as the demands of residents and visitors increase. Stay ahead and they’ll stay longer.

  • Navigate complex public places
  • Promote city destinations and points of interest
  • Manage major event vehicular and pedestrian traffic flow
  • Improve public transport connectivity
  • Empower city tenants
  • Enable retails success

The future works

You want to build something that lasts. PAM provides the most agile and adaptive navigation for your business to future-proof your precinct. Change is definitely going to happen. So be prepared for it.

Email us on hello@pam.co or fill in this form so we can help turn your space into a loved place.

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