Digital Places

Give your customers live branded virtual maps to guide them to the best experiences and destinations in your district by the most efficient route.

Create a beautiful virtual world where 3D maps are brought to life and enable smart navigation so your visitors can fully experience your campus.

PAM provides you with complete control of the visitor navigation experience on your campus. Visitors connect with your environment, know where they are and what’s going on around them.

QR Codes provide a broad pickup of the eXplorer maps to give your visitors access to everything on your campus using their mobile phone.

PAMOS let’s you create unique digital maps with beautifully virtual 3D worlds and smart navigation for visitors to enjoy all your district has to offer.

Digital Places

Simplify connectivity
& amplify opportunity

Add QR codes around your smart campus at key locations so your visitors can use their personal devices to find their way to anywhere.

Visitors eXplore your campus with confidence with personalized guidance to any building, amenity or service.

Include popular locations nearby:

- Public transport
- Sport facilities
- Local retail
- Food options

Share events and experience locations, so your visitors know what’s happening around them and how to get there.

Your visitors can also share their location with colleagues, family and friends so they can find them anywhere on campus.

PAMOS makes it easy to keep your digital maps up to date with changes to your environments and routing that affects navigation.

Close pathways and roads during disruptions; building works, major events or routing around accidents, to make everywhere accessible, plus you can show illuminated and safe pathways!

eXplorer maps

Give visitors digital maps they love to use and always on-brand. eXplorer maps are visually pleasing and easy-to-build to entice visitor exploration and provide clear directions to any campus destination.

Use Map Editor to update information in real-time and add pop-up store locations, brand activations or closed roads and pathways.

Digital places Chart

Events & Experiences

Connect visitors with their surroundings so they can discover the events and experiences that will make their day great! Guide your visitors along the best routes on your campus so they enjoy each and every journey.

Promote future events so your visitors can make bookings and purchase tickets or access more information.

Create great campus experiences!

Personalized Wayfinding

When visitors arrive give them digital maps via QR signs so they have the ultimate campus experience.

- Find amenities and experiences
- Discover events & entertainment
- Promote sponsored content
- Share food and refreshment locations
- Promote retail, brands and partners

All controlled by your operational teams on the PAMOS cloud platform, with user data captured so you can continually improve visitor experiences.

Map Editor

The Map Editor enables users to quickly build beautiful 3D & 2D maps by adding buildings, entrances, roads & pathways & visual navigation waypoints to help visitors navigate any environment.


Wayfinding Library

The PAM wayfinding Library enables you to connect visitors to the brands they love and monetize your technology ROI with PAM’s branded map experience.



Add headline events & connected experiences that show on kiosks and mobile phones. Get exact routing to experience or event location or book tickets immediately for an upcoming event.


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