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Smart, social, connected cities

One integrated platform, PAM turns friction to flow,
obstacles to opportunities, and visitors into fans.

Simplify connectivity, amplify opportunity.

PAM Smart City
PAM helps visitors navigate from home to your district, to the best parking and on to their destination. Once they arrive, PAM utilizes a blend of Location Services technologies that provide accurate, real-time directions, connections and messaging to visitors, anywhere in the district, inside or out.

Visitors can better understand your environment, and you can better understand your visitors.
Built environments have always struggled to deliver the right information to visitors when and where they need it. Throwing point solutions and expensive technologies at the problem delivers the same outcome – more complexity, friction and disconnection as each additional technology is added to the mix.

With PAM, each journey is tailored to the needs of each visitor, but focused on the same result – happy customers who feel assured and connected.
Interactive kiosk
Virtual stadium

Find all city experiences
and amenities

Mobile maps

Provide the best routes
updated in real time

connect customers

Connect customers with sponsors
and brand activations

mobile navigation

Access everything on a kiosk
right on your smartphone!

Unlock the potential in your city

smart city

Get the smarts of a Smart City

Make data-driven decisions to increase engagement so visitors stay longer. Understand your customers’ good and bad experiences so you can create the environments they love.
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visitor engagement

Connect visitors and drive engagement

Use context-specific navigation and proximity notifications to help visitors know what’s happening around them. Promote nearby attractions, sales points and brand activations, then show visitors the fastest route to their destination.
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manage crowd flow and safety

Improve visitor flow and safety

Use Location Services and navigation analytics to keep visitors safe and crowds flowing. Identify bottlenecks and adjust navigation to disperse traffic and drive visitors to under-utilized sections of your district. Use digital signage and notifications to convey safety, critical event and evacuation messages and keep people safe.
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frictionless journeys

Make life easier - for everyone

Use PAM’s intelligent wayfinding tools to provide contextual routes and information for all visitors to your Smart Campus. Take control of your digital screens and touchpoints, make sure your information is always accurate and have confidence helping everybody find where they need to be.
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Real tech to add real value, in real-time.

digital signage network
Guiding visitors to the right places, at the right time, requires the latest positioning technologies and PAM’s software smarts.

Most visitors will already use GPS to make their way to your district. As they approach, they will now be given the kind of information they really need - the closest entrance, the best parking, the shortest queues.

Once inside your district, their pedestrian journey is tailored to the events of the day and controlled by you, in real-time.

As they move indoors, Wi-Fi, Beacons and Bluetooth combine to guide visitors wherever they want to go, while connecting them to your events, marketing messages, amenities and facilities. At any time, you can notify them of promotions or if necessary, hazards.

When you connect people to what they love, your value instantly increases

PAM leverages multiple location-based services to drive sales, promote events and increase brand engagement.

Connect IoT sensors to dynamically deliver customer communications using a single platform.

PAM Smart City Tech

Build virtual worlds with amazing experiences.

Virtual Retail

Truly intuitive and smart virtual maps

PAM eXplorer maps deliver super-fast online content, using the latest innovations in gaming technology. Give your visitors perfectly detailed maps that they’ll love to play with. On-brand, visually pleasing and easy-to-use digital maps entice exploration and give clear, personalised directions that drive brand engagement and increase sales.

Less friction means more time to enjoy

Stop, start, stop, start. If you’re expecting visitors to shift from app, to app, to app on their way to and through your district - think again. PAM provides QR codes to access online content from any smartphone. Precise, easy-to-follow routing helps visitors to any district, building and exact destination, with no App to create friction.
Connected customer experience

A truly connected customer experience

Mobile maps are important, but they’re just one element of a great visitor wayfinding experience. Digital signage provides directions, parking information and delivers promotions, to guide you visitors seamlessly around your district. Manage every customer touchpoint with consistent, effective and personalized wayfinding.

Versatile & productive cloud services

Great customer experiences depend on accurate information to be delivered at the right time in the right place. PAM provides the smarts to connect tech-infrastructure with the perfect blend of data, so your customers get the right information just when they need it. Symbiotic navigation, parking, events and marketing enhance brand experience and optimize revenue across your district.

The future works

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