Hollywood Park and SoFi Stadium partners with PAM for the ultimate wayfinding experience

Hollywood Park and SoFi Stadium partners with PAM for the ultimate wayfinding experience

Case Study SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park

Campus navigation solutions don’t get any smarter than this. A new state-of-the-art giant sports and entertainment destination, home to the Los Angeles Chargers and Super Bowl LVI champion the Los Angeles Rams.

The focus of this new 300-acre LA smart city district is the NFL’s largest stadium at 3.1 million square feet, with seating capacity, expandable to up to 100,000 for mega-events. The American Airlines Plaza hosts outdoor concerts and community events next to YouTube Theater, a 6,000-seat indoor performance venue for more event capacity!

The PAM Smart Navigation platform was introduced early in the build program of Hollywood Park to design and plan the wayfinding to help manage traffic and crowds. SoFi Stadium delivered the Super Bowl in February 2022 and is now ready for the College Football Playoff National Championship in 2023, The FIFA World Cup in 2026, The Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Olympics in 2028, and everything in-between and beyond!

Hollywood Park
"We are the first NFL Stadium to have an integrated digital wayfinding strategy, and that sets us apart as a leader in smart district navigation, not just for the stadium footprint, but for the entire site around the stadium."
Chan Onechanh, VP Facility Operations.
SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park.

The world's most technologically advanced Sports and Entertainment district

In such a big and complex venue, how do people find what they are looking for? The quickest way to their parking spot, the correct entry gate or retail promotions at LA Rams games? If changes occur on the day of an event, how do you fix them in real time?

The complexity, size and scale of Hollywood Park is unparalleled and constantly changing and growing, becoming a new kind of place where people can work, shop and play. The PAM Smart Navigation Platform continues to evolve as the campus does, providing the most agile and adaptive navigation backbone to future-proof this environment.

Hollywood Park is a 300-acre mixed-use development that houses a state-of-the-art SoFi Stadium, YouTube Theater, American Airlines Plaza and the NFL’s new West Coast headquarters in addition to an initial 500,000 square feet of retail, residential, office and 25-acres of park and open space still under development. All of these complex environments work together to ensure visitors and fans can find exactly what they are looking for and connect them to their surroundings.

The Challenge

Hollywood Park engaged HKS Architects to design a world leading wayfinding solution to manage crowds and traffic, whilst delivering a superior fan experience for millions of visitors each year. After a global search, they chose to use PAM. 

In addition to operational needs, the Hollywood Park team must maximize marketing and sponsorship opportunities, while making sure visitors can easily learn about future events and purchase tickets.

The PAM Smart Navigation platform enabled the Hollywood Park team to do just that…

The Smarts

Hollywood Park and SoFi Stadium needed digital directional signage to quickly adapt to any experience and help people find their way around, no matter what kind of event is on.

The ops and event teams developed Playbooks to manage every phase of the day from start to finish. Dynamic information enhances the flow of visitors toward and into the stadium, then helps fans find experiences and amenities. After a concert, game or convention, it guides visitors to facilities and destinations across Hollywood Park.

The smart software controlling these changes is PAMOS and in particular the innovative PAM Playbooks and scene features. PAM Playbooks control a sequence of pre-planned navigation scenes to manage vehicular and crowd traffic flows efficiently and safely. Each scene changes digital customer touch points to help people find everything they need while they enjoy the main event.

Turn visitors into fans

SoFi Stadium was built for the ultimate fan experience.

While PAM was used to create navigation playbooks to help fans find exactly where they want to be it also enables dynamic branding updates across hundreds of digital touchpoints for any event type. NFL games, monster trucks, music concerts – PAM adapts the content to any audience and brand. Even when two events are on the same day, the whole environment transforms from one branded event to a completely different experience.

Experiences, promotions, tenant locations and 3D models can all be managed through PAM and hyper contextualized to each and every main event taking place. It’s never been easier for fans to connect to their environment and create new experiences, new memories and now a smarter way to find them.

Wayfinding Scene

On a normal day, Hollywood Park has select parking options available to visitors. The team store and offices are open for business, while visitors can explore the campus and it’s many attractions.

During this scene, upcoming events and sponsors are promoted on the digital signage. Visitors use their mobile to scan QR codes and explore the district to find retail destinations.

Game Day
Wayfinding Scene

On NFL Game Day Champions Way transforms from a vehicular road to a pedestrian walkway for fans accessing the stadium and the SoFi Stadium security perimeter expands.

This scene changes the Digital signs to direct traffic and pedestrians while promoting events and experiences; the wayfinding adapts to guide crowds safely to the correct gates while parking lots combine into coloured zones. Specific district access points and routing reduce congestion and enable visitors to quickly find their stadium entrance.

Major Event
Wayfinding Scene

During a major event, operational teams use PAM to provide a completely different navigation playbook. Security gates are extended past parking lots, temporary perimeter fencing is erected and entrances relocated. Completely different rules apply for crowd control during inbound and outbound navigation.

Sponsors and brand activations can be brought to life for the ultimate fan experience using interactive maps and digital signs to provide frictionless navigation for a very different environment.

Make your district more pleasurable, productive and profitable.

PAM’s dynamic QR codes make it easy for visitors to access online content using any smartphone. The PAM eXplorer maps provide precise, easy-to-follow routing to find any experience or destination. Landmarks and pathways are easily identified, which means visitors can better understand the district and find their way.










Hollywood Park
"PAM's powerful cloud platform and API-first architecture make connecting data and other technologies easier than ever before. Functionally connecting all digital wayfinding touchpoints across Hollywood Park’s IP network is the PAM360 Connect App."
Janette Smrcka, VP IT Innovation & Revenue.
SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park.

Simplify connectivity and amplify every opportunity

With over 250+ district digital signage touchpoints currently across Hollywood Park, sponsors can connect with fans via up to 70,000 unique impressions at each event and over 1.2 million unique brand impressions over the course of the NFL season. Maximizing effective marketing budgets to drive brand engagement and deliver bottom line revenue results.

PAM generates a return on investment that quickly covers initial costs and becomes revenue positive.  When deployed during major events, PAM enables Hollywood Park to be completely transformed and apply branding to 250+ digital signage touchpoints and digital eXplorer maps. Sponsored content and connected experiences to provide brand exposure and engagement, reaching hundreds of thousands of impressions per mega event – all amplified with social media activity; NFL Super Bowl LVI, WrestleMania, College Football Playoff National Championship, FIFA World Cup and Olympics.


Personalized fan engagement

Different audiences require different communication strategies. The Hollywood Park team worked with PAM to create a campus playbook for different event types; NFL games and concerts to stadium tours and even job fairs. For each scene, navigation and branded environments dynamically adapt to each event. 

– District wide event-day brand engagement

– Awareness of on-premise retail destinations

– Drive online merchandise sales

– Social media fan engagement

– Promote future event ticket sales

QR codes provide data and maximize engagement opportunities and deliver return on investment. The Hollywood Park and SoFi Stadium team have full control to engage fans and completely brand any event. Whether its booking tickets, buying merchandise online or landing on social media channels, Marketing teams have the opportunity to interact with every fan at every digital sign locations.

An evolving partnership

The team at Hollywood Park is continually improving the fan experience by experimenting with their Playbooks and how they communicate with fans in PAMOS. This capability of Smart Navigation across digital signage continually improves the fan experience and productivity at each game and concert.

Using PAM’s open API framework, the team at Hollywood Park can automate information during events to manage parking, retail tenants and promotions. This flexibility offers the Operations, Marketing and Technology teams the innovation they need as the site continues to grow and welcome new residential and commercial tenants. They too will benefit by using the PAM Smart Navigation Platform to connect with their audiences and display information across the campus digital wayfinding signage network.

PAM provides a future-proofed, dynamic solution that will evolve and adapt to any navigation use cases as they arise. The ability to guide fans to new and innovative experiences, brands and sales opportunities means PAM will deliver unrivaled customer experiences and new revenue opportunities for many years to come.




The future works

You want to build something that lasts. PAM provides the most agile and adaptive navigation for your business to future-proof your precinct. Change is definitely going to happen. So be prepared for it. Email us on hello@pam.co or fill in this form so we can help turn your space into a loved place.