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Customer experience teams are facing new challenges. Enticing fans back, then maximizing customer value, requires a strategy focused on creating personalized customer experiences, frictionless journeys and connected experiences that keep fans engaged.

It's essential that modern venues maximize both the customer's value for their time and the venue's revenues as a result. PAM provides visitors with a direct connection to every event, experience and retail engagement opportunity across the venue, park or district.

Frictionless journeys - Ensure visitors receive clear directions to public transport, rideshare or parking and arrive happy and excited.

Connected experiences - Connect fans with their surroundings so they can discover and easily find the events and experiences across the venue, in real-time.

Optimized venues - Ensure visitors are spending their time engaged and active while at your venue. Promote every event, experience and retail opportunity.

Agile places - Adapt your venue to the changes that come up every day. Provide visitors with clear directions to negotiate temporary parking, traffic and event location changes.

PAM Frictionless Journey

SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park

The focus of this new 300-acre LA smart city district is the NFL’s largest stadium at 3.1 million square feet, with seating capacity, expandable to up to 100,000 for mega-events. The American Airlines Plaza hosts community events and outdoor concerts. Next to YouTube Theater, a 6,000-seat indoor performance venue for more event capacity!

The PAM Smart Navigation platform was introduced early in the build program of Hollywood Park to design and plan the wayfinding to help manage traffic and crowds. SoFi Stadium delivered the Super Bowl in February 2022 and is now ready for the College Football Playoff National Championship in 2023, The FIFA World Cup in 2026, The Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Olympics in 2028, and everything in-between and beyond!

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Stadium Entertainment


Help visitors find their way to any destination across your venue, park or district. Provide a mobile map to visitors via link, QR code or interactive touchpoint, then help them find their way in immersive 3D maps that mirror your real venue. Visitors can search for a destination or select one from your smart lists according to the time of day or what's currently being promoted. Visitors can explore the map to find things that they love. They stay longer, have a more memorable experience and are more likely to be a brand advocate.

Events and experiences

Every experience, or event can be found by your customers. Events are available on mobile, kiosks and directional touchpoints, and encourage visitors to connect each experience to the next with real-time lists of what's happening. Routes to every event or experience are tuned for ease of navigation and to ensure visitors pass premium locations throughout your venue. Every event listing can provide additional information and link to ticketing or web.
Retail Engagement

Retail Engagement

Highlight every store, concession and ticketing location across your venue, park or district. PAM helps visitors understand what retail engagement opportunities are available, with additional information on the outlet. Each listing also provides visitors with the ability to access tickets, online ordering and other features you make available to them. If the outlet is running a promotion, this too can be listed, so visitors can jump on it and avoid FOMO.
PAM Promotions


To create heightened engagement with your visitors, Promotions highlight every sale, product promotion or special opportunity available across your district, in real-time. Like experiences and tenants, every promotion contains all the information visitors need to make the most of this limited opportunity. Promotions can also be utilized to promote upcoming events and experiences at your venue.

Customer touchpoints
& wayfinding

Stadium GIF
Wayfinding scene change
QR Code

Mobile experiences

Put the full power of your venues in the palm of your visitor's hands. QR gateways connect visitors with your mobile experience.

Digital kiosks

Bring people closer to your world. Kiosks provide an easy access point for new visitors to your venue.

Dynamic digital signage

Digital signage provides dynamic directions that mirror maps and adapt as the day evolves, according to your plans.

The Power of One

PAM is one powerful cloud platform to manage all CX navigation. Keep customers flowing, engaged and connected from any device, anywhere.

Connect visitors with events, experiences & brands in real-time

Interactive kiosk

Find game day experiences
and amenities

eXplorer map

Provide the best routes
updated in real time

interactive kiosk

Connect customers with sponsors
and brand activations

eXplorer maps

Access everything on a kiosk
right on your smartphone!

The value of connection

Stadium Customer Experience

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