Entertainment District

Connect fans to
what they love.

Customer experience teams are facing new challenges. Enticing fans back, then maximizing customer value, requires a strategy focused on creating personalized customer experiences, frictionless journeys and connected experiences that keep fans engaged.

Unlock the potential in
your venue

Ensure visitors receive clear directions to public transport, rideshare or parking.

Enable experience teams to connect fans with their surroundings so they can discover the events and experiences happening before they look to find their seats.

Keep maps updated to the minute with navigation changes. Close routes during events or building works and provide alternative navigation.

Visitors use their phone and interactive kiosks, so they always know what’s happening and how to get there.
PAM Frictionless Journey

Connected experiences

Empower your marketing and events teams to manage and promote ticket sales, discounts, promotions.

Personalized engagement

Bring people closer to your world. More engagement = happier fans and increased customer spend.

Frictionless journeys

A faster and easier drive or walk reduces stress, and creates more time to engage and enjoy.

The Power of One

PAM is one powerful cloud platform to manage all CX navigation. Keep customers flowing, engaged and connected from any device, anywhere.

Customer touchpoints
& wayfinding

Interactive kiosks with 360 Reactive

Bring your environment to life with frictionless navigation, branded environments and customer engagement strategies. Use PAM’s intelligent wayfinding tools to provide contextual routes and information for all visitors to your place. Promote attractions, retail stores and brands, then show visitors the best route to their destination.

Update signs with event and venue information in just a the click of a button. Leverage promotional signage to increase revenue and sales. Set up interactive kiosks to help every visitors get information when they need it.

eXplorer maps and experiences

Give your visitors the kind of information they really need - the best parking, closest building entrance, ideal location for a coffee and the shortest route to their destination. Enable smarter navigation with QR codes and digital signage to make your venue safer and more productive every day.

Every experience, no matter how big or small, can be found by your customers. Whether they're heading to the headline act that's drawing the big crowds, or simply if they're trying to find their airport gate, your visitors can find any location or event as it's happening.

Connect visitors with events, experiences & brands in real-time

Find game day experiences
and amenities

Provide the best routes
updated in real time

Connect customers with sponsors
and brand activations

Access everything on a kiosk
right on your smartphone!

Smart Venues Create Personalized Experiences

With vaccination rates on the rise, more venues are welcoming fans back, responsibly and safely. It’s still a tough road though. There are still significant physical and psychological barriers that continue to discourage fans from attending our venues. Now, Ops teams are creating Smart Venues capable of delivering personalized experiences that respond to a different set of expectations.

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CX and the data-driven future

For the world’s venue owners, the challenge is twofold: not only are they under pressure to elevate experiences beyond the vast array of TV and web content, they must also create places that people love to maximize revenue. The battle is on between mega-venues and in-home entertainment experiences. Here’s what you need to know to compete for the entertainment dollar.

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The future works

You want to build something that lasts. PAM provides the most agile and adaptive navigation for your business to future-proof your precinct. Change is definitely going to happen. So be prepared for it.

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