Brand guardianship and managing the reputation of your wayfinding environment

Large public spaces face many challenges in maintaining their environment. Visitors expect a clean, safe and well-maintained space – a space they trust. One of these challenges is to manage the perception and reputation of the brand, whether it’s a public space like a park or a large commercial precinct. Damaged signs, incorrect navigation messages or incorrectly-placed destination markers confuse the …

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Augmented Reality, Indoor Geolocation and the Future of Navigation Experiences

For large commercial precincts, a customer’s experience is at the heart of daily operations and also strategic technology decisions. Personalizing and improving the customer’s experience will result in more repeat business, higher satisfaction ratings and ultimately increased revenues. It’s no wonder that the hunt for the best possible technologies is frantic.  In large precincts, one of the most difficult tasks is …

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Entertainment Precincts

Entertainment precincts – How Facilities Management handles a dynamic event calendar

Entertainment precincts now focus heavily on brand experiences and events to draw in visitors. Stadiums are now conducting ‘Halloween Nights’ and other seasonal events that use large portions of their property that are otherwise under-utilized. Shopping malls run Beauty Festivals that draw in large crowds at times the mall is otherwise quiet. The shift in the fundamental business model of these …

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Australian Technologies Competition – Smart Cities Award Winner

PAM is incredibly honoured to have been chosen as the winner of the 2019 Australian Technologies Competition Smart Cities Award. The award recognises that smart cities and smart city technology should deliver “information and communication technologies (ICT) to enhance the quality and performance of urban services… The overarching aim of a smart city is to enhance the quality of living …

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Designing a connected environment

Designing a connected venue environment

Most existing venues and precincts have been designed and operated for a single purpose. When measured against this purpose, they are generally successful, but this success is the result of rigid rules around the purpose of the venue. The days of building venues for a single purpose, however, are now behind us. To ensure revenue meets the high cost of …

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